Heart Chakra Flower Essence

Heart Chakra Flower Essence


 Heart Chakra – Anahata 


The Heart Chakra Essence Blend works through the energy circuits of the Heart Chakra, heart nerve plexus, heart, lungs, pericardium, arms, and hands to support the healthy functioning of the Solar Plexus Chakra.

 The Heart Chakra’s love is unconditional, enduring, eternal and constant. It is a state of being in harmony with yourself, instead of being attached to a person or an object of your affection.


Love is our natural state of being. You find it within yourself when you experience this type of love all around you in everything. When the Heart Chakra is in resonance with Life, feelings such as compassion, gratitude, joy, self-love, wonder and bliss fill your life. You become oriented to living in the present moment with peace and equanimity. The Heart Chakra Flower Essence Blend aligns the Heart Chakra to receive these abundant qualities.


 The Heart Chakra breathes in prana, the breath of life. The Heart Chakra Flower Essence Blend encourages you to breathe in deeply the breath and love of life!




                        Overcome distance, release