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Third Eye/Crown Chakra Flower Essence

Third Eye/Crown Chakra Flower Essence


 Third Eye Chakra – Ajna 


The Third Eye and Crown Chakra Flower Essence Blend works through the energy circuits of the eyes, the pineal gland, hypothalamus gland and the brain and is helpful for people who are consciously evolving on their spiritual awakening journey.


 When the Third Eye Chakra is appropriately open and active you see/experience beyond time and space for clear intuition and insight. Through focused creative visualizations you create the possibilities for what will manifest into physical form. The pineal gland, which secretes melatonin, and the hypothalamus which directs thirst, hunger, and the biological clock, assist you to be calm, relaxed and rested with balanced biorhythms while interacting with higher frequencies and dimensions. You may experience clairvoyance. The Third Eye Chakra Flower Essence Blend aligns the Third Eye Chakra to receive these abundant qualities.



                                     Being open to learning from life             


                                     Trusting cosmic harmony                         

Accepting authority

                                     Being able to listen to inner voice            

An aid to meditation

                                     Following your inner guide


 The Crown Chakra - Sahasrara 


When the Crown Chakra is appropriately open and active, it is the meeting place between mundane and divine, finite and infinite, time and timelessness. You experience refined awareness that focuses your attention either on the things of our daily lives or on non-material universal consciousness where there is no duality. The information gained elevates the workings of your brain and mind to a higher level of understanding than any of the other chakras.​​​​​​


    Custom made Bach Flower Essence combination. 

    Directions: Take internally 4 drops 4 times per day


    Return unsued portion within 7 days for a full refund


    FREE shipping within the United States

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